Zirconium Prosthesis

We provide patients with a metal-free aesthetic
prosthesis, of the highest quality, resistance,
precision, biocompatibility
and unsurpassed aesthetics

Zirconium Prosthesis

It is a high-resistance porcelain of white color in its entirety, thus obtaining a more aesthetic result and also allows a better passage of light through the tooth.

What are the advantages of zirconia compared to other materials?

It is 100% biocompatible, highly resistant (does not fracture) and fits perfectly in our mouth; all this makes it an ideal material for all types of dental reconstructions. A prosthesis without any metal (ideal for patients allergic to chromium, cobalt or nickel), which does not conduct electricity and does not give us a taste of metal in the mouth. In addition, it is a light material that we do not have the feeling of carrying a foreign body in our mouth

What is zirconia and why is it used in dentistry?

Zirconium is a mineral from the silicate family, with unbeatable properties for making dental prostheses. In fact, it is considered one of the best ceramic materials to reconstruct our mouth today.

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Es una porcelana de alta resistencia de color blanco en su totalidad, obteniendo así un resultado más estético y además permite un mejor paso de la luz a través del diente y es 100% biocompatible, altamente resistente (no se fractura) y encaja perfectamente en nuestro boca; todo esto lo convierte en un material ideal para todo tipo de reconstrucciones dentales. Una prótesis sin ningún metal (ideal para pacientes alérgicos al cromo, cobalto o níquel), que no conduce electricidad y no nos da sabor a metal en la boca. Además, es un material ligero que no tenemos la sensación de llevar un cuerpo extraño en la boca.
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Zirconium Prosthesis