Our specialties

Our specialties

We have an excellent team of professionals willing to solve any type of dental problem, by fully rehabilitating dental occlusion.

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It allows us to correct a bad dental position with the use of braces.


It is the best option for dental correction, without brackets, just using replacement splints, positioning each tooth in its place.


The implant provides the opportunity to replace the lost piece while preserving the rest of the teeth.


With the extraction of the wisdom teeth we avoid causing pain, cysts, gum problems, pressure with the second molar.


It prevents the tissues that protect, surround and support the teeth from being affected, and thus the bone loss to maintain a healthy gum and dental stability.

Fixed prosthesis

We offer the opportunity to rehabilitate damaged teeth using natural teeth as abutments.


Our patients improve their aesthetics with the placement of porcelain sheets on the surface of the tooth.

Zirconium prosthesis

We provide patients with a metal-free aesthetic prosthesis, of the highest quality, resistance, precision, biocompatibility and unsurpassed aesthetics

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A smile is a curved line that straightens everything.