Fixed Prosthesis

They are completely tooth-supported dental
prostheses, which take support only on the teeth.

Fixed Prosthesis

We offer the opportunity to rehabilitate damaged teeth using natural teeth as abutments.

The importance of fixed prostheses

It consists of custom-making crowns that are cemented on natural teeth, providing a long-lasting dental hold. In addition, it is one of the most comfortable and accepted prostheses that produces fewer problems, although it is not always possible to perform them.

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Ofrecemos la oportunidad de rehabilitar dientes dañados utilizando dientes naturales como pilares. Consiste en coronas a medida que se cementan sobre dientes naturales, proporcionando una fijación dental duradera. Además, es una de las prótesis más cómodas y aceptadas que produce menos problemas, aunque no siempre es posible realizarlas.
Fixed Prosthesis