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Our Story

Happy Dental Group was born in May 2019, at the initiative of a team of experienced professionals. The project was completed on March 14, 2020 and launched on June 7, 2020 with full availability of its licenses to operate and focusing on prevention, in order to provide a solution to all dental problems, providing confidence and security to each patient where their change of life is reflected through their smile.

our perspective

Happy dental Group brings a different vision to any dental office, since we focus more on prevention than on treatments, and make treatment with diagnosis and clinical planning to obtain better results.


Our goal is to provide optimal oral care to our patients. We seek to fully understand each case and the environment that surrounds it, offer personalized and individualized attention and achieve excellence in our work.


Implement and develop a new concept of multidisciplinary dentistry, capable of offering and performing all kinds of dental treatments, and having as main objectives: To solve the oral problems of our patients.

Happy Dental Group

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