Patient Cases

Treatment cases of our patients.

Mandibular Retrusion and Maxillary Protrusion

An 11-year-old boy who is in a period of early mixed eruption, presents a mandibular retrusion and a maxillary protusion, due to a lingual push, the brackets were placed in the upper part to retract and fill the maxilla.

mandibular retrusion by suction of the lower lip

An 11-year-old boy sucked his lower lip, causing a protrusion of the pre-maxilla and the upper antero teeth, a 4×2 technique was placed and this improved a lot, but he is still under treatment.

With Smile Aligner my life changed and I can smile fully

The singer Velaviee was traumatized all her life by the disorder of her teeth that prevented her from smiling at the public and now she feels so happy that she does not stop smiling

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